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Awake At Dawn (Wildflower Series)

Awake At Dawn (Wildflower Series)

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When Gemma Briggs moves in with her brother’s friend, the only thing harder than keeping the arrangement a secret is resisting the explosive chemistry she has with her new roommate—hot NFL player, Noah London.

After a workplace one-night stand leaves her high and dry with a baby on the way, Gemma Briggs is forced to leave her job as a college figure skating coach. While it isn't challenging for her to land a new gig at a nearby Boston skating club, it comes with a catch: a significant pay cut that means she'll have to move out of her well-loved apartment. And that's not all, either. Working at the new club results in a surprise visit from Noah London, the wildly popular NFL player who is also her brother's former college teammate... and the uncle of one of her skating students.

Noah may have a solidified playboy reputation, but he also has a new puppy at home and a single-mom for a sister who relies on him to babysit when she's busy saving lives as a doctor. The problem? Football season is quickly approaching, and Noah's worried who will fill his shoes when he's out of town winning games. The solution? Asking Gemma Briggs to move in with him.

But what happens when the temporary arrangement becomes something they both want to make permanent?

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