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Bless Your Heart: Southernisms For Any Occasion

Bless Your Heart: Southernisms For Any Occasion

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We Southerns love to talk- so much that we basically have our own language. Spend some time here in August and you'll understand why folks say, "It's hotter than blue blazes." Go get your haircut and and the stylist will surely ask you, "How's your mama 'n'em?" - even is she's a stranger. So, sit for a spell and enjoy this book on the ultimate Southernisms, brought to you by the funny folks at It's a Southern Thing. It'll make you as happy as a tick on a fat dog- and have you grinnin' like a possum eatin' a sweet potato. And those are good things. Just trust us. Discovered, edited and compiled by: Kelly Kazek, Haley Laurence, Amber Sutton, and Jared Boyd Illustrated by: Laura Levie Calligraphy by: Amy Cash Forward by: Sean Dietrich

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