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Every Beautiful Mile

Every Beautiful Mile

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A widowed bartender, a summer road trip, the detour she never expected.

Penelope ‘Nel’ Crawford is stuck. At least that’s what her family tells her. A year after losing her husband of seventeen years, she’s still so deep in her grief that she’s barely hanging on, let alone living. She hardly recognizes her teenage kids and finds no joy in doing the things she once loved.

Her solution? An attempt to heal herself and the relationship with her kids with a summer road trip. From one destination to the next, Nel not only has to navigate life on the road, but the trials and tribulations of motherhood after loss.

When a detour leads her to flirtatious restaurant owner she’s been emailing off and on for months, she starts to remember that life—no matter how unpredictable—is made for living. And the heart, even if broken, finds ways to love again.

Every Beautiful Milewill make readers laugh, cry, and remind them of the healing powers of nature, family, and love itself.

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