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So Much More To The Story: A Bookery

The Book Bus

The Book Bus

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Based on the true story of the Book Bus in Cincinnati, this picture book follows a vintage VW pickup truck that embarks on a new adventure to share the joy of reading.

Tilly the truck loves two things—helping out on the farm and listening to the stories read to her by the little girl who lives in the farmhouse.

As time passes, things change on the farm, and life gets very quiet for Tilly. Missing the feeling of being useful and the sounds of stories being read, Tilly has an idea to share books with the community by becoming the Book Bus.

Children gleefully gathered around the little truck when they saw all of the books she had to give. One by one, Tilly handed each of them a special story of their very own.

But when Tilly's passion for sharing books is jeopardized, will the community come forward to help her out?

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